Save BIG on Truby Genres Sale for Presidents Weekend


john-truby-genre-blockbusterJohn Truby teaches his Story Masterclass around the world to dozens of sold-out audiences each year.  After the class ends, the most common writing tools the students seek out are the very popular “genre bundles.”  This Presidents Day weekend only from Friday February 17 – Monday 21 all genre bundles are discounted at Truby’s website .

During his Masterclass Truby explains: “To write a great screenplay, you need to master a couple genres.”  We realize many of the best scripts aren’t just one genre, they’re a “bundling” of several genres.  For example 2012 Oscar nominee for Best Original Screenplay, Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” combines the genres fantasy, comedy and love.  Most film admirers can think of countless examples of great scripts bundled using several genres.  This is a practice that A-List story teacher John Truby advocates strongly.

john-truby-blockbuster-genreTruby’s genre bundles include all of the main genres as well as sub-genres to give his students the best range of education possible.   Here are all the genres Truby covers in his classes: Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Love, Masterpiece, Memoir-True story, Myth, Science Fiction, Thriller, Sitcom, TV drama.

This holiday weekend save up to 20% off when you purchase the 3-, 6-, or 12-unit software genre bundles also the 3-, 6- or 14 unit audio genre bundles.  That means the purchase of any 3, 6, 14 genres bundle in combination out of the 14 genres offered.

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