Academic Success Embraces Digital Future, Your Child Ready?


Academic-Success-DigitalAcademic Success, the Los Angeles-based home school and personal coaching program, works with students to achieve stronger educational results.  What these coaches realize is that modern-day students have more scheduled activity than ever before.  Between sports, extracurricular activities and highly demanding college prep studies, the average student struggles to balance it all with good grades while trying to maintain a fun life with their friends.  Academic Success understands that the digital revolution helps students manage their time, work and abilities with greater ease.

On the heels of the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show and Apple’s iBooks 2 announcement declaring a digital revolution on education, Academic Success CEO Jamie Altshule believes “The application of these tools in more schools could serve as a major boost to the educational process. I would like to see all textbooks and literature available in digital format. That change could save students and schools significant money not to mention the natural resources the switch would conserve. The benefits of digital literature are numerous:  they include additional learning tools like imbedded dictionaries and more options for organizing notes.”

Altshule’s vision is to see students work smarter, not harder.  She reflects further about expensive and heavy traditional schoolbooks.  She believes that schools should sell or rent these portable devices to students at the start of their school year ready for downloading, in lieu of the time-honored book list. “It saves time, money and the back pain of carrying the physical equivalent around.” These ideas inspire learning, not stress.  Her vision isn’t far off, as these tools have become commonplace in both the boardroom and many study spots.  But she wants to see them in classrooms, and sooner rather than later.

The educational CEO encourages her students to prepare for the future. Altshule adds, “Students with full-time access to the latest digital equipment begin their academic lives with a clear head start.”  And that is where Academic Success continues and builds from.  The coaches are not trying to re-invent schooling. Rather, our work supplements the teacher’s curriculum and offers assistance to learn the material more deeply. That is where the one-on-one experience is invaluable.

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