ValBeMar, Worlds Expensive Coffee Showcases in Santa Clarita March 3


The 2nd Annual Santa Clarita WineFest takes place March 3, 2012 at Bridgeport Marketplace in Valencia CA.  Owner/CEO Dr. Joel M. Fisher works diligently to make the event as memorable as possible for attendees of all palettes.  While the focus is certainly on wine, brews and spirits, that’s certainly not the only taste available.  World coffee connoisseur ValBeMar will be showcasing their Kopi Luwak bean, the most expensive coffee in the world.


Kopi Luwak coffee, also known as Civet Coffee, originates in the islands of Java and Sumatra, where the Asian Palm Civets (called “luwak” by locals) are found. These mammals reside in trees and feed on ripe coffee cherries. However, luwaks naturally do not digest the cherries’ inner beans and instead excrete them as whole. These beans undergo a unique fermentation process while inside the stomach, resulting in an entirely new coffee bean with unmatched flavors.

ValBeMar is currently on a journey for North American exposure and was wooed by Fisher to attend Santa Clarita.  Dr. Fisher explains: “Santa Clarita offers a diverse crowd that is knowledgable, progressive and shares an upscale mentality.  Just as importantly, this adventurous audience is willing to try new tastes.  I explained this to ValBeMar and they jumped at the opportunity to reach this coveted crowd.

ValBeMar gift sets retail for over $100 per ounce, but will be offered at generous discount for this exclusive opportunity.

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2nd Annual Santa Clarita WineFest benefits the Michael Hoefflin Foundation and is sponsored in part by A1 Event Rentals, Bridgeport Marketplace, West Central Produce, Five Star Gourmet, 100.3 The Sound, The Magazine of Santa Clarita, Icelandic H20 Glacial, Courtyard of Santa Clarita Marriott.