Los Angeles Students Learn with Academic Success

Academic-Success-happy students

Academic-Success-happy studentsFor nearly a decade, Academic Success has been making education easier in Los Angeles, one family at a time.  Founder Jamie Altshule has travelled the world in search of learning, teaching and finding good books.  Upon her return, she made Los Angeles her classroom and her coaching has been in session ever since.

Everyone has their favorite teacher.  The one who made learning fun.  But we also remember that other teacher.  The one that never quite made all the information work in our head.  Red-faced frustration as we tried so hard to understand what everyone else seemed to think was so easy.  Academic Success works to bridge those gaps, deciphering the data, and their coaches make sure you’re prepared for the next step.

Academic coaching is an in-home session where the coach arrives already familiar with the client, their strengths, challenges and ambitions.  Throughout on-going visits the coach works with the student in the subjects and helps build confidence.

Academic-Success-teachers-familyTest prep on the other hand deals exclusively with what many people find to be the most challenging part of academic life.  The test-prep coaches use proven tools to help teens get their best possible score and ease their anxiety along the way.

With just two of the many services offered, it’s clear Academic Success is an educational company that helps students learn.  Whether it’s polishing up on the subjects that they already like or creating new ways of thinking for them to understand the not-so-easy subjects.

More than just learning the chosen subjects, Academic Success provides a safe balance with education. Learn the best ways to study, the most effective note-taking methods, how to organize your time to optimize your efforts.

To learn more, visit  Academic Success website.  You can also find Academic Success on Facebook and follow Academic Success on Twitter.