Kilpatrick offers Exclusive Present with Book this Holiday!


kwame-kilpatrick-holiday-giftFormer Mayor of Detroit-turned-celebrated author Kwame Kilpatrick is in a celebratory mood this holiday season and wants to share with his fans and readers.  Those who visit his official website and purchase a copy of his book, Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick, before the New Year will receive an autographed commemorative t-shirt of the author (pictured) free.

Fans of the celebrated man are sure to love the extra bonus–certain to be a must-have this holiday within his loyal community as well as his newfound fanbase.  For readers who have already enjoyed the book, the t-shirt can be purchased separtely on the website as well.

“This is about celebration and sharing,” Kilpatrick explains, “Life is good. God is good.”  Each long-sleeve t-shirt is custom-printed on high-quality cotton and available in both black and white.  The image depicts Kilpatrick’s book cover along with his signature.

kwame-kilpatrick-book-holidayshirtOne year ago, at this time, the previously-acclaimed Mayor was incarcerated, but this year, the politician-now-public speaker is busy touring the country, telling his story, passing along his lessons of mistakes, inspiration, and triumph.  “My journey a year ago introduced me to many people — strong souls in a demeaning and unfortunate setting.  My journey over the past six months has introduced me to young people full of vision, brave community leaders, and some of the finest citizens I’ve met.  This holiday season I celebrate life with them.”

After months of successful speaking engagements, Kilpatrick is quickly booking 2012 solid; however, he is surrounded  by family and friends and that will never change. “Love, family, health, happiness–this is what’s important in life,” he says while standing with his wife Carlita and his sons.  “In 2012 that focus doesn’t change.  But I will continue to spread my messages as far and wide as I can.”

Kwame Kilpatrick’s acclaimed biography Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick is currently on sale.

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