2012 Santa Clarita WineFest: A One-Day Event, One Year in the Making


SantaClaritaWineFest2012The 2012 Santa Clarita WineFest, presented by Joel M. Fisher,  takes place March 3, 2012 at Bridgeport Marketplace in Valencia, CA and benefits the Michael Hoefflin Foundation. It will be a day of tasting wine, spirits and brews from across the world paired with fun, food and music all while exploring your palate. Often what attendees don’t realize is the 12 months of preparation that is needed to ensure the event’s success.

Fisher’s journey begins within weeks of the last fest ending. He travels up and down the California coast several times from North of Napa to South of San Diego. He hurries to fit in as many trips as he can, if time permits, including France, Israel and Italy among other countries. “It’s crucial to keep up timely communication with the wineries and the winemakers. I need to know which of their wines they’re excited about, so that I can focus on the best experience next year for our attendees,” Fisher explains.

In addition, he frequents Southern and Central California wine events each weekend and many times throughout the week all year long, bringing vital WineFest staff with him including Media and Sponsorship Director Joe Wehinger, COO Mark Newman, and Community Liaison Brandon Drake

Fisher’s decades of expertise is widely recognized in the wine world. Often as he browses the festivals, winemakers delight in showing off their most exciting bottles while looking for his feedback. As well, lifestyle reporters cozy up to the aficionado looking for the inside scoop. But Fisher urges that your taste palate is a personal experience. “I tell my students, the only thing that matters is what tastes good to you. What I can guarantee is every wine at one of my WineFests is very pleasing to me. And hopefully to you also.”

Come taste hundreds of wines at Joel Fisher’s Santa Clarita WineFest on March 3, 2012 at Bridgeport Marketplace in Valencia, CA. Those attending the VIP event will enjoy hand-chosen selections by Fisher made by boutique wineries as well; as some of his favorites from larger producers  — truly a rare experience.

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