Swiss Village Obermutten uses Facebook for Global Attn, Tourism $$$



Social media when done well can help any one, any thing, any place. Here is another great example!

The tiny village of Obermutten in the Graubünden area of Switzerland has gotten itself a sizable online following—putting itself on the map for would-be visitors—through its pledge to print out every Facebook fan’s profile picture and post it on the town’s bulletin board. The campaign has been a big success—with the town of 79 people now boasting more than 12,000 Facebook fans. The bulletin board quickly overflowed, so the townspeople have been finding various barn sides to use for the excess. They claim that more than 60 million people worldwide have now heard of Obermutten. Traffic to the Graubünden tourism website is up 250 percent. And the campaign cost of 10,000 Swiss francs reportedly brought in earned media of some 2.4 million francs. The question, of course, is whether people will actually visit the place. With their faces peering out from the town’s walls, in some ways they already have.