Beauty Bag: Foundations that Bring a Glow for 15 hours


People always ask me how do you get your skin to look so even and polished all the time, I tell them it’s all in my foundation. A lot of women don’t know the importance of a good quality foundation. You can’t build a proper house if you don’t have a good foundation, right? Same thing goes for your face; you need to have some sort of first step in order for your color to go on smoothly and look it’s best. Foundation is exactly that, it is the first step of your overall color look. Picking out a great base will not only even out your skin tone but it will also minimize any imperfections you may have. Nobody needs to know, do they?

You’d be surprised the amount of flaws you can completely hide by getting the perfect product for your particular skin type. A lot of company’s nowadays have products with multiple benefits for your skin. Some will have anti-aging ingredients so while you are looking beautiful on the outside your skin is actual getting long term benefits on the inside, some even hydrate the skin, minimize oil, hide fine lines and illuminate the skin. The list goes on and on, but over the years I have tried just about every product out there but I tend to have a rotating few that I have for day or night or both.

You can alternate between a powder or liquid foundation. I tend to use more liquids because they tend to be a bit more hydrating and forgiving (I’m no spring chicken anymore), especially with the winter here I need more moisture and then I will follow it up with a powder to set my look for all day wear. One that I have found wears for 15-hours, yes! 15 hours, that means you can work all day and party all night. It’s from Smashbox and it’s easy to use and blends incredibly well.

It also has light diffusers that give your skin a gorgeous luminosity and glow plus it has a sunscreen in it. This is a buildable foundation so you can get medium to full coverage.

I’m not going to lie I am concerned with aging, but who isn’t right?  So, you’ll appreciate a product that has multiple benefits and will cover anything I don’t want the world to see. One of my favorites is from a clinical skin care line. Peter Thomas Roth’s Un-Wrinkle foundation, it has peptides and neuropeptides, which mean that there is instant, wrinkle reducing results as well as long-term anti-aging benefits. The coverage is buildable as well, plus it’s oil free and contains an SPF 20.

When I have a night on the town planned I really want a flawless airbrushed type look. This product comes in an aerosol and can be applied with a brush or directly in a circular motion directly to the face mimicking a true airbrush style that all the top celebrity makeup artists use. It’s from an Australian brand Called Napoleon Perdis and they have some of the best quality products out on the market today.  It’s called Boudoir Mist and it’s hard for people not to think you paid top dollar to look this good.

Once I have my foundation applied and I am ready to apply my color I will use a setting type powder to make sure my foundation stays all day. The best powder that I found will hydrate the skin while making sure nothing budges is from Smashbox it’s their Halo powder it’s very silky and will not dry, crack or get shiny during the day.

It’s also promises to diminish lines and wrinkles by 67% in 6 weeks. I’ll take 70, please!

As foundations improve the quality it’s so important to find a product that helps your skin look and feel it’s best.  Nowadays, its not just nighttime products that can improve the overall look of your skin you can now use these daytime products to continue the fight against flaws, aging and prevent future damage from rearing it’s ugly head.