Beauty Bag: Baths that take you to Better Place

Beauty expert Jeremy Beth Michaels

It’s getting cold (even if it’s 60 in Los Angeles, sorry mid-west) and its time to hibernate even if for just a little while for the winter. I remember a commercial where Calgon was supposed to take you away.  What is Calgon exactly? All I knew is I wanted to go there too. But where is it? Fiji? Bora Bora? I see now it was to imply a calmer, more serene part of your day and it was supposed to be a personal time-out that you give yourself… away from the kids, the family, the phone, Facebook, Youtube, and everything else that occupies 98% of your attention. Even if you can’t go on a physical vacation, nothing beats taking some time where you can embody some peace and get a little more grounded to face all the different aspects of your world.

One of my favorite ways shut out the grizzly world is to take a bath.  I think the reason I love them so much is that I can lay down (yeah, I’m pretty lazy) and be submerged in warm water filled with scented bubbles or oils and that can certainly help take me away somewhere good, even if it’s only a half hour and in reality, just me alone in my bathroom.

One line that I love is an herbal line that I have used for years, Dr. Kneipp, using potent aromatherapy oils to conjure up any mood you either need to have or just to get your head in the right mindset these little bottles pack a punch. I love using lavender for when I need to come down from a rough day or Rosemary when I need to wake the heck up. All are great, especially if you get it in this handy pack, then you get to try all of them.

Beauty-Bag-BathSometimes I have a craving for something sweet but I don’t want it to show up on my backside (you get where I’m going with this, right?) Sometimes I want to take a luxurious bath that makes me smell like I’ve just downed the most calorie rich morsel except for the joke is on everyone because I just smell like I do.  And for that sweet tooth I really can’t beat Laura Mercier’s Crème Brulee honey bath. Two or three swirls of this in the water makes me time travel into a calorie free society and what an amazing place this would be and yes, I would love a second helping!

Beauty-Bag-Bath-LotionI have been trying to take my exercising up a notch. I am taking this class (which I highly recommend) called Cardio Barre, this is like the most intense workout I’ve ever done without any high-impact moves that can injure your body. It’s like ballet to shitty top 40 music but the results are pretty amazing and I think I counted the other day, I did 300 leg lifts and that was just on one side, for days like that I really need a bath soak where I can soothe my muscles and soften my skin. They say that bath salts take out all the toxins in the body and ease the muscle aches. I’m a believer and you should be too. These salts are from 100% Pure, are just that. I love the eucalyptus scent and I always feel a little less tense after I use them.

So, it may not be Calgon but it’s probably better because I have personally tested each of these and I swear I’m a better/calmer/softer/sweeter smelling person because of it. Happy Bath-ing!