C5LA’s Nov 11 “Inspire the Dream” fundraiser help teens reach for stars


Inspire-the-dream-c5laC5LA’s first annual “Inspire the Dream” takes place Friday, November 11, 2011 at the Skirball Cultural Center where distinguished guests will come together to commend and celebrate the achievements of C5LA’s high-performing students. This event benefits high-potential youth from underserved neighborhoods with the opportunities and tools to succeed in education and in their career goals.

This special evening includes a cocktail reception, sit-down gourmet dinner, high-end online auction, and a presentation and awards ceremony for Coca-Cola Refreshments Los Angeles, a long-term supporter of the program. To purchase tickets or become a sponsor, please visit the event website.

Founded in 2000 by John Alm, former CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, C5LA has evolved from a one month summer camp in Wyoming to a comprehensive five year youth leadership development program that delivers experiences in adventure camp settings, leadership development programs, community service forums and preparations for college and career. Over the years, the program’s purpose has always remained the same – to provide at-risk, high-potential youth with the opportunities and the tools for success that they otherwise did not have access to.

C5LA’s mission is to inspire high-potential, at-risk youth from under-resourced environments in Los Angeles County to pursue personal success, to prepare them for college, work and life, and to motivate them to become role models in their communities.  At the heart of C5LA’s efforts – and one of the “Cs” in C5LA – is the introduction of college to the youth as a very realistic goal along with high school graduation.

C5LA-students-inspireThrough extensive consultations with thought leaders in the youth development field, C5LA has compiled a platform that incorporates all the critical elements necessary for youth to become successful and productive college-bound adults. The program builds strong relationships between youth and adults as well as peers in order to provide a solid adult and peer support system. C5LA introduces the concept of college early in the program and sets college matriculation as a realistic goal along with the supports and tools on how to achieve this goal. C5LA introduces youth to new activities, ideas and concepts, which expand their horizons and visions for their futures. C5LA engages youth in challenging activities that build self-confidence as well as in community service and advocacy initiatives that reinforce the idea of giving back and leadership in one’s own community. By exposing youth to new career opportunities through job shadowing and career exploration, C5LA believes that they will have the skills needed to succeed in the future.

C5LA has the results to prove its program is working. For over 10 years, C5LA has consistently achieved a 90% year-over-year retention rate, a virtual 100% high school graduation rate, and an over 95% college matriculation rate for all program graduates.

C5LA believes that empowering youth to attain higher education and achieve personal success is more than just fixing our schools or getting higher test scores, it’s about affecting the entire environment, both inside and outside of school. Young people are impacted by everything in their lives and everything missing in their lives. Too many of them grow up in environments with limited support and few opportunities, unable to develop a positive vision for their future. C5LA wants to put the choice back in the hands of these young people.

College is now their choice. And you can help make that a reality. To learn more on how you can help motivated students achieve their dreams, please visit C5LA website follow C5LA on twitter, fan C5LA on Facebook.