Beauty Bag: Fall Fragrances get you Warm and Cozy

Lovestruck-Vera Wang-Beauty-Bag
Beauty expert Jeremy Beth Michaels

Jeremy Beth Michaels is a Makeup Artist who has worked with Sephora,BeneFit CosmeticsLush CosmeticsOrigins, and many more. With over 10 years in the  Beauty Industry, today she offers facial masks full of goodies for your skin.

Makeup doesn’t have to just mean things you color your face with, I consider Perfume an extra add-on to my look. Plus, perfume is such a personal item that really transports your personal space into something luxurious and really sets you apart from everyone else, no perfume will smell the same on any two people. Whenever I am done with my makeup I always go by my perfume table (yes, I have a perfume table) and decide what scent I want for that day. Is that weird? Truthfully, I am a girly-girl. I love anything pink, flowers and anything that has a lingering subtle perfume to it. There is nothing like finding a scent that you can wear that makes you feel sexy, lovely and happy.


I love when fall comes because I have a collection of fragrances that I tend to break out when that last week of September – first week of October swiftly starts to creep in and when things start to get officially cozy and warm.  The change in season makes me want a warmer fragrance for the colder months.  I have found some new and some older fragrances this season that are going to be amazing because they all have sweet sexy unique notes that will make you stop…and forget about stopping and just smelling the roses because you are going to make everyone stop and smell you!

Ps. Febreeze is not an actual perfume. I know, I know,  I was fooled too!

A new one by Burberry that has an amazing sultry depth really intrigued me because its notes are laced with peach, freesia, sandalwood and creamy vanilla… sounds delicious, right?  It kind of is and the bottle is awesome.

Lovestruck-Vera Wang-Beauty-BagAnother new fragrance that I have just fallen in love with is Vera Wang’s Lovestruck; this one has so many interesting notes like guava, tuberose and musk.  The bottle just screams love is in the air and lots of snuggling to be had. You’ll be saying, “Baby, it’s super cold outside come back to bed!”

Last on my list but one that is always in close proximity in my house is always the original Michael Kors, I almost can’t get enough of this fragrance, it’s creamy sexy veil of tuberose, and cashmere musk is pretty unforgettable. Once you smell it, it’s like you can never put that fragrance too far out of your periphery trust me on this.  I really haven’t smelled a fragrance like it, what I like the most is that it stays all day and it makes me know how it feels to be really luxurious. It always brings me to this vision of a crackling fire somewhere on an Aspen mountaintop and how the crispness in the air smells.

Hopefully, this has jumpstarted your perfume search and I hope you find yourself getting cozy while smelling delicious. My one friend use to always say to me, You Stink Pretty, and I believe him!

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