Italian Feast of San Gennaro from Sept 22-25 offers Family Fun and Food

Joe Mantegna and Andy Garcia celebrate Primma Notte

From Thurs Sept 22 through Sunday Set 25, the area behind Jimmy Kimmel Live’s studios in Hollywood are converted for the Italian Feast of San Gennaro, a 4-day family-friendly celebration of Italian food, culture and family.  There is plenty of time left to stop by, enjoy some pizza, cannoli and music while the children play and have fun.

Joe Mantegna and Andy Garcia celebrate Primma Notte

Primma Notte was Thursday night and attended by Feast VIPs, celebs and hundreds of proud Italians and Italian supporters.  TV host Marc DeCarlo led us through the entertaining evening.  Singers Mark Giovi & Christopher Macchio began the night, Jimmy Kimmel came out to present throughout the evening and then Performers Angela Pupello & Mark Giovi brought us Italian classics.  Robert Davi performed several Sinatra songs and introduced the evenings honoree Frank Mancuso Sr.  Prolific film producer and former studio chief Mancuso reminds us that no matter how strong your work is, family should always come first.

The next day, Feast of San Gennaro opened to the public.  Booths filled with food and drinks, aisles filled with smiling families.  To say the festival filled up quickly is an understatement.  The crowd kept moving, enjoying the food, the music and the games.  Big laughs bellow out as groups find each other and enjoy the day together.  Cooking classes, food lectures, music and dancing.

Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel at Primma Notte

They call it “Feast of LA” and make no mistake, it’s a feast.  You’re going to be offered so many different kinds of delicious food that your head may spin.  I’m a brave guy who decided to have a little bit of everything.  After one bite, the only challenge is to stop eating because it all tastes so good.  Vito’s Pizza is a landmark, known for their amazing NY style. Frankie’s on Melrose provides steamed clams and clams on the half shell.  It’s addictive, be careful.

Sunday brings even more fun!  More music.  More games and classes.  While on Saturday night there’s a Rat Pack Tribute, on Sunday night there’s a tribute to Dino himself: Dean Martin. I may go back just for that….and ya know, one more slice of tomato pie.

San-GennaroIn September of 2002, some of Los Angeles’ most prominent Italian-American citizens got together and produced the first annual Precious Cheese Feast of San Gennaro Los Angeles, offering three days of enjoyment for the entire family.

The Precious Cheese Feast of San Gennaro Los Angeles is produced by The San Gennaro Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, established to aid children and families in need in the Los Angeles area. Prima Notte, the star-studded, opening night fundraising gala hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, offers guests a preview of the weekend festivities, while honoring outstanding members of the community and raising funds for the Foundation.

For more information, visit Feast of LA website.