Falling in love with Fall 2011 Trends


Fall-fashion-saba-kayThe new Fall and Winter 2011-2012 trends have been an unexpected twist of fate for most of us. They have been showcased with pops of color, detailed fabrics, and very fun designs from the runway, not your usual black and white winter.

Sensual Sequins tops, sexy low neck sweaters, bronze and nude palettes and many other trends are making their way into the new fall and winter collections.

Nude is one of the primary colors that is making its way into the fall, so move on over black and grays, Nude is definitely the ‘go to’ color of this season.

A lot of shimmer has been displayed brightly in different retail stores, showcasing a much needed ‘fun’ type of fall season. Modern brights with embellished looks for tops look great under any type of cardigan, sweater, blazer, or coat.

Although Camel, Khaki, Nude and other neutrals are becoming the basics for fall and winter, some pops of color have been introduced on the runway like: Orange, Red, and Pinkish colors. Color blocking has been introduced as one of the fairly new concepts with a 70’s theme, pink and red has been the popular color blocking theme so far.

In essence, expressing one’s own individuality plays up the part for most of us wanting to dress to impress for this season. So here are some helpful tips on what you can do to dress up your wardrobe and fall in love with this season’s trends:

  • Be your own stylist!
    • If a trend works really well for you, say a certain color or detail, then play it up by mixing and matching it into your wardrobe. Decide what looks best with your skin tone, and don’t be afraid to take BOLD leaps!
  • Find the right color
    • You want to know what color looks best on you? Try something that make your eyes pop! If you are unsure about a certain shade of orange or pink, bring it up to your face and see how it looks. Does it make your eyes pop? If not, try a darker shade.
  • Don’t Overdo it
    • Chunky accessories are big this season, so you only need 1 really great piece, not 4 or 5! If you’re working up a really great embellished top, or a leather skirt, stick to that as being your main piece so that everything else can be simple.

Let’s have fun this season, Happy Dressing!