Beauty Bag: Fall Colors that Enhance your Glow

Beauty expert Jeremy Beth Michaels

Jeremy Beth Michaels is a Makeup Artist who has worked with SephoraBeneFit CosmeticsLush CosmeticsOrigins, and many more. With over 10 years in the  Beauty Industry, today she offers sneak peaks on looks for the fall season.

Autumn is slowly nestling its way back into the summer vibe changing it back to that slight rush with a tinge of hesitancy that becomes the fall. Half of me doesn’t want the summer to end and other half is looking forward to hearing the rain against my window again.

Say goodbye to your golden hues of laziness that was the summer and say hello to softer ways to illuminate your skin without looking like you dipped yourself in a bucket of terra cotta. And truthfully, not to brag, but I look pretty damn fine next to some pinky-amber glowing candlelight and I am going to venture to say that almost everyone looks as good.

There are some great ways to fake brilliant flattery light on your complexion. It’s best if it’s applied on the upper cheekbones, bridge of nose or below and above brow bones and you can mix it into your lotion, foundation or all on it’s own so you recreate a healthy, tone enhancing glow that makes it look like you’re literally glowing from the inside out.

Beauty-Bag-Ulta-Urban-GlowOne of my favorites is from Urban Decay, only $24 bucks and it lasts forever. I like to use it as a last touch, when my makeup is all done I will sweep a little with my finger tips underneath my entire brow bone and I will blend it really well so you just get a hint of highlight, almost looks as if I was born this way. Intrigued yet? I thought so.

One, I like especially when I am feeling super luxe is from Nars, I use this one on my eyes, cheeks, lips anywhere I thinks needs a little pick me up.

I’ve tried every color and I haven’t tried one I didn’t like. The color I use the most is South Beach, maybe that’s my next vacation? We’ll see.

You can also use a liquid highlighter and mix a little in with your foundation this will give just the right amount of the good lighting to make your complexion shine without looking overdone.  Smashbox has a great one; they call Artificial light – go figure, right?

All three colors will look great on everyone and just a few drops go along way.

Now, you may be sad that the warmer days are coming to the end, but it’s time to look forward to some hot cider and candle light dinners that you will so amazing next to.

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