Beauty Bag: Facial Masks and Goodies

Beauty expert Jeremy Beth Michaels

Jeremy Beth Michaels is a Makeup Artist who has worked with Sephora,BeneFit CosmeticsLush CosmeticsOrigins, and many more.  With over 10 years in the  Beauty Industry, today she offers facial masks full of goodies for your skin.

Since October is coming and Halloween is getting in full gear I thought some great Masks are appropriate for this time of year. Now, these may not be the freaky or scary kind but they are filled with nutricious goodies for your hair, body and face that will take about 20 minutes out of your day or night but will give you nonstop hours of beauty.  When you happen have a spare Friday (God forbid you stay at home one weekend night, right?) or if you come across a boring old Tuesday on your hands with no more Jersey Shore episodes to watch and you find yourself thinking, I really need to step up my beauty game well, let me tell you, I have some tricks and treats that won’t give you cavities, cellulite, or a sugar high and the only thing you will get is a whole lot of pretty.  And who doesn’t want some more pretty in their life?

I love deep conditioning treatments for my hair. I’ve tried a lot of them, but I really want something that makes my hair silky, shiny and healthy. I like this one because it has Shea butter, smells great and my hair is almost in need of no styling after this.

Shea-Butter-MaskI love anything with the smell of pumpkin in it, and I found a scrub/mask that you can use interchangeably as such when you feel like you need it. With Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Pumpkin enzymes combined to exfoliate and brighten the skin this product will also tame fine lines and wrinkles by revealing smoother younger skin and will also decongest any impurities you may have. Now, you can’t eat it but it will make you want a huge slice of pumpkin pie alamode no doubt.

I forget that fact that I am on my feet all day, so when I have some extra time off, I like to pamper my tootsies with an extra cooling foot mask that hydrates, softens and wakes up my tired gams and almost makes me want to salsa after. Almost that is.

So, this may not be the definition of your hottest date ever but there is something to be said for a night spent in and taking some extra YOU time. So, when Halloween does come I guarantee you will not be the scariest but the prettiest goblin on the block.

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