Mas Malo farewell to crowd-pleaser as La Joqua graduates Aug 30


Tuesday night August 29 comedy event La Vida Joqua at Downtown LA’s Mas Malo will play its last show at small venue scale with an all-star line-up including Maria Bamford and Wendy Liebman.  The monthly comedy show graduates to a larger venue thereafter  and continues to feature the big names and featured laughs it’s become known for.

For now, co-host Jeremy Beth Michaels shares from the experience:

“We wanted to create a show that had a good vibe, amazing comedy, some excellent food and an audience leaving laughing and wanting more and telling their friends. Not only did we create that magic but we also had an influx of more people at each show.

As much as we hate to say that Mas Malo Dowtown will no longer be housing La Vida Joqua we are so grateful for the opportunity to let us get off the ground floor (even if the show was in the basement level) with such amazing talent that we are on the lookout for a new venue with a comparable vibe and just as much support. Our last show will be August 30th at 8pm at Mas Malo Downtown as my Co-producer Adam Gropman and I have had three amazing months we would like to close it out with a line-up that is almost too much for one night, I get dizzy with excitement looking at it.

I have cherry picked some amazing comics and it just worked out that they were all available for this last show this coming Tuesday at 8pm. If you don’t come, you will regret it, trust me.

Take a look at this line-up:

Maria Bamford- Comedy Central, The Tonight Show

Ali Wong – Tonight Show

Jeremy Beth Michaels – Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, Improv

Ronn Vigh – Improv, Harveys

Amy Dresner – Improv, We Are Not Saints – Comedy Tour

Adam Gropman – ABC’s Next Big Thing- Feature Film ‘Expired’

Ryan Stout –Comedy Central

Erin Foley – Comedy Central

Wendy Liebman – HBO- Playmate of The Year

Come to this show and enjoy some chewy chips (a malo favorite!).  If you have anyone that would be interested in helping us find a new venue or you know someone who would be interested in this show, please get in touch with @jeremythegirl.

Thank you again Mas Malo, you aren’t half Malo!

See you on August 30th at 8pm!