Beauty Bag: The Secret is in the Primer

Jeremy Beth Michaels

Jeremy Beth Michaels is a Makeup Artist who has worked with Sephora,BeneFit CosmeticsLush CosmeticsOrigins, and many more.  With over 10 years in the  Beauty Industry, this time she offers advice for women using a primer for all-day flawless faces.

I get asked a lot “How do you get your makeup to look so flawless all day and all night without a touch up? Here’s my answer and it might be a little lengthy, but hey you asked and you don’t even need to thank me later.

Now, you wouldn’t paint your kitchen, car or furniture a new color without priming it first, right?

Think about your beautiful face the same way, you wouldn’t just slap a bunch of stuff on it before making sure it was all smooth, even and ready for color, right? There is a key step that you can do in order to make sure your makeup is on lockdown all day and it will look flawless and hide any imperfections that you think you may have.


I don’t have time during the day to re-do my makeup so I need something that will make my face look as good as it did in the morning on my way out, so I went on a hunt and I found a few products that we call Primers in the biz.

You’d be surprised at how this 10 second (if that) step adds hours onto your look so you don’t have to worry your pretty little face about it but everyone else will think you did. Primers are basically magicians in a tube because it literally smooth over your skin, hiding any enlarged pores and any fine lines and some even color correct any discoloration and provide a great smooth line free base for you to apply your foundation and you can apply them with your fingers or a foundation brush.

There are a few I use for different occasions and some I have found recently that have Anti-Aging properties (Yay!), Sunscreen and a slight tint so you can rest assured that you look as good at 5pm as you did 8:30am.

beauty-bag-primer-goldA new one out on the market that I love is a hydrating primer, I tend to be dry all year round so I really want something that keeps my skin hydrated and looking fresh. Just a tip, if your skin looks dry, you will tend to look older so make sure you keep your skin hydrated at all times this one will definitely keep you on the right track and it’s from Smashbox Cosmetics.

Another one I like to use when I want a little sun-kissed bronzy glow is from Two-Faced, not only does this one have a slight tint but it also has sun protection which is perfect if you want to cut down a step in your routine while protecting your skin.

Another primer I like to use when I’m feeling a little like too many nights have caught up with me and I need a little extra help is one from a skin care line, Peter Thomas Roth it’s called Instant Un-Wrinkle Primer, the name is telling no lies! I used this on nights when I have a special event and when I need to look my best, and I have to say at a recent party everyone kept commenting on how smooth and flawless my skin looked. I’d like to think it was my amazing make up artistry but I know for a fact it was because of this miracle worker. It smoothes lines and pores and made me feel like I was girl in her early 30’s again!

All of these should be added to your makeup bag or kit because you won’t believe you ever used makeup without it.

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