Comicon 2011 is Recession-Proof [VIDEO]


So ok. Comicon. The biggest fanboy festival on this planet celebrating the realms of fantasy fiction and graphic novel stardom globally. Got it. But who are these people really? Like in their real life. I talked to Batman, Morpheus from the Matrix, Star Wars Siths, the Green Lantern, even Waldo. When these people aren’t disguised as their favorite prodigy who is the true super hero below? What doth they do?


I feel so many people around me worried about their jobs, unsure of who they want to be within a career and left wondering what that 4-year lambskin with “Diploma” written across it will help them with.

Fear not young lads! The forces of Comicon are here to right your world’s wrong, keep you safe from fear’s path and solve our international deficit… Well if all that fails they are still here to remind you that you are not alone even though this planet might seem like an isolated rock of Kryponite. You are not alone my friend. Take comfort in that.