JayBird Crushes Hollywood’s Piano Bar, Returns Aug 9 and 23rd [VIDEO]


On August 9 and 23, classical-piano-rock-duo JayBird will be returning to Hollywood’s The Piano Bar to continue two more nights of spoonfed musical delicatessen.

I was on a double date and after dinner we wanted to stay out later so we went to one of my favorite Hollywood bars The Piano Bar on Selma and Cahuenga. Included with great tunes and cheap drinks (by Hollywood standards) at The Piano Bar admission is always FREE.

This particular Tuesday the classical-piano-rock-duo JayBird took to the stage donning solely the keys and a pair of microphones. From their first song everyone in my party, who were at the opposite end of the bar without the stage in sight, stopped talking, looked around at each other in utter delighted confusion and simultaneously said “What is that?” We sifted through the crowd to get our eyes a gander at what was making the sounds in our ears.

What it was was the virtuoso piano playing of Jason Pelsey that knocked the wind out of the well acoustic’d, candle-lit and exposed brick room. After one minute JayBird had the complete silenced attention and thunderous applause of a typically stingy Hollywood crowd.


What happened next astounded me. Right after my mind had been taken to a Beethoven-infused-classical-piano-mad-scientist-never-land the pair stepped up to their respective microphones and bust into a sultry pop love tune that would have the Bird and Bee’s heart fluttering. Who are these people!? Seriously. They continued to flex their range muscles from jazz, folk, country to straight angst rock.  

I took some videos with my cell phone thinking nobody would believe when I told them what I saw but after hearing they’d be playing again next week I approached and begged them to let me shoot a proper preview video. The video here stands just to prove they exist. For the true experience hit up The Piano Bar this Tuesday and two Tuesdays from now. Don’t short yourself. All the cool kids will be there… or at least I will.