Kwame Kilpatrick Shares ‘Revelation’ on August 2


Former Detroit mayor now (turned) author, Kwame Kilpatrick has made headlines for months by connecting with his followers using Twitter and posting on Facebook while incarcerated.

Kilpatrick will be a free man on August 2nd and followers will now get even more compelling updates in real-time. Beginning early Tuesday morning, “Revelation Day”, as Kilpatrick calls it, he will be delivering an inside and personal look into his release and his journey home to reconnect with his family.  As his auto-biography, “Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick”, is set to hit bookshelves expect Kilpatrick to deliver some minute-to-minute thoughts, opinions and insights as well as provoke conversation through his social media pages.

To be sure, the former politician will be a very busy man.  On “Revelation Day” Kilpatrick will be followed by friends, family and journalists looking for a glimpse into the next chapter of the former public man’s plans.  However, he will be intimately sharing it with his fans and supporters via social media.

Be apart of the Revelation!  

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