Rockers Collective shares Music with the World


What makes a Rocker good?  Be it Eric Clapton, Billy Idol, Rod Steward, P!NK, Cher or one of the countless legends.  Their energy, passion and sound is what Rockers Collective hopes to not only create, but share worldwide.

Rockers Collective is a generous idea that came to fruition as a crowd of super-talented musicians played in front of a standing-room only crowd in West Los Angeles on July 18.  The brain child of Stephen Stern and Mark Shulman launched and judging from the standing ovation, it’s already a hit!

If the rockers collective sounds just as good as the original… there’s a reason. This ultimate cover band has been assembled from the best touring and studio musicians in the business. They’ve played with Pink Floyd. They’ve played with P!NK. They’ve played with Eric Clapton. They’ve played with Cher.  They’ve played with just about every legend in music.

You can tell by the looks on their faces that this is their happy place, coming together with the best of the best to re-imagine the legends they know so well and to shred on their favorite guitar/bass/drum solos.  All with the pinpoint precision that their day job requires.

And why not a super group of backing musicians? When you brag to your friends how amazing Billy Idol was, you weren’t just talking about Billy Idol. You were also talking about his band. And speaking of which… isn’t this how The Band got started?

The Rockers Collective’s monumental first performance was preceded by only 92 minutes of rehearsal time… enough to rehearse each song once. Other than that, many of the band members had never even played with one another. But you’d never know it.

Drummer and co-founder of the Rockers Collective, Mark Schulman (P!NK, Foreigner, Billy Idol), never missed a beat. Guitarist Julian Coryell (Aimee Mann, Leonard Cohen), Guitarist Bruce Watson (Rod Stuart, Christina Aguilara),  Bassist Eva Gardner (P!NK, Mars Volta, Veruca Salt), and vocalist Lorelei McBroom (Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones) were all tremendous treats. Their performance was solid throughout their set list, which dabbled in everything from Billy Idol, to Elton John, to Green Day, to the Stones, to Floyd, to Muse… Because (unlike most cover bands) they aren’t stuck to one type of music. They can play whatever they want! 

As an added bonus… with each song came a different front man… and boy, did the first show bring ‘em out! Blind Melon’s Travis Warren, Vertical Horizon’s Matt Scanell, and Ken Stacey (Michael Jackson, Elton John) were all on the bill, flawlessly transforming into the front men that they were saluting. The most impressive front man of the night had to be Kipp Lennon. Having sung for Roger Waters, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, when he started “Message in a Bottle,” I thought Sting was in the room. But by the next song (“Brown Sugar”), I realized it was Mick Jagger.

The bottom line: Cover bands are a tricky thing… on the one hand, you get to hear all of the hits, but on the other hand, you’re usually left wanting the real thing. The Rockers Collective are the real thing.

But Rockers Collective is about more than music shows.  They are the University of Rock N’ Roll.  Their “Playshops” are held with companies around the world where they focus on musical instruction and collaboration.  After all, as they put it “There is no better example of team harmony and rhythm than a tight band of musicians that have achieved word-class success.”


And in addition to that is Mindset Rocks customized keynotes and programs designed to inspire companies with collaboration, conflict resolution and communication among more.

And of course both University of Rock N’ Roll and Mindset Rocks come with the chance for employees to take pictures with the stars and have their memorabilia autographed.

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