Beauty Bag: Survive Summer’s Sun Damage with Shimmer

Jeremy Beth Michaels

Jeremy Beth Michaels is a Makeup Artist who has worked with Sephora, BeneFit Cosmetics, Lush Cosmetics, Origins, and many more.  With over 10 years in the  Beauty Industry, she offers advice for everyday people who want to get that Hollywood look without the red carpet hassle.

Summer is here…Thank heaven for rooftop and pool parties, the sublime sun staying out a few hours later and those tart melon margaritas letting everyone slow down just a tad to enjoy the flaming red-orange sunset.  As much as I want to spend every day at the beach getting that Coppertone tan, I don’t want any more sun damage.

I know it wasn’t smart as a teen to layout in the sweltering sun from 10am-2pm everyday during the summer with Crisco or baby oil smeared all over, but we did it and with pride I might add. We just didn’t know any better. Now, we may have looked like bronzed bunnies but now I, and all my friends are paying for it with very expensive skincare. The truth is, we all want to look like we spent the day at the beach rather than really being in an office for eight hours, so in order to fake that look (I won’t tell if you don’t).  I have been going through my many multiple makeup bags to find out what is going to be my summer staples this season to give me the look like I am a complete lady of leisure. Here is what I found and no doubt these items will be coming with me everywhere I go.

Two-Faced is one of my favorite brands for quick and easy ready to go look for summer.  You get a quarto of colors to compliment you on any level of the bronze glow that you want whether it be matte, peachy bronze or mocha bronze shimmer. Plus this travel size kit comes with a mini primer that evens your skin tone out and contains SPF and a great sunshine-y champagne highlighter to dust wherever you feel like you need just a little more glow and it looks great as an eyeshadow.  Wink, Wink!

There is something I simply can’t and won’t do without this summer and that is two of my favorites colors of lipgloss from Smashbox Cosmetics in Afterglow which is the perfect neutral peach coral or Baby Pout by far the best baby pink without being overboard, both will set your bronze hue on sparkle.

To complete this beachy leisurely polished look you’ll need a mascara that lengthens and opens up your pearly whites. Hands down, this is the best I have tried and I’ve tried them all and I always, always end up coming back to this one. BeneFit Bad Gal mascara in Black…It’s got the best brush of any I’ve tried and whenever I use it, people always ask me if I am wearing fake lashes.

Now you’re ready to hit that sunlit party with shimmer and gloss and I am sure you will not only be the hit of the party but all will envy your ‘Afterglow’.

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