Santa Monica AI-Architects: Plaza Centro Art Project Panel Installation!



AI-Architects is a Santa Monica-based architecture firm.  Here the team discusses a current project: Arizona’s Plaza Centro.

Installation on the Plaza Centro screens has begun! The first art panels have been installed – they are inserted into a larger screen of metal mesh that will support climbing vines – eventually the art panels will float like medallions in a wall of green. We worked with Tucson based Landscape Architect Lisa Ribes and consulted with various other local experts to ensure that the selected plants will withstand the intense Arizona summers.

The flowers of Yellow Orchid Vines and Tangerine Trumpet Creeper will reflect and complement the paint accents of the projects color scheme. Check back soon to see pictures of the main art piece on the corner of Congress Street and the new 4th Street underpass.

For more information, visit AI-Architects website and AI-Architects blog.