RockSugar: Melts In Your Mouth [RESTAURANT REVIEW]


RockSugar is located in the heart of Los Angeles, in Century City Mall. It is prized as being a hotspot location where its customers are attracted by all the luxuries that attract their senses. When you think of a Chinese restaurant, you think smells of ginger, garlic, and a lot of schezwan sauce. RockSugar holds a contemporary view of this; it is where present-day Asia meets traditional Indian style of dining. After hearing mixed reviews about RockSugar, I finally decided to give it a try…I wanted to see what the hype was all about for this Asian fusion, and taste the authenticity of its blends.

RockSugar‘s double doors were a grand entrance; reflecting a mini palace. Passing the sitting area, I saw deep orange couches with fireplaces. When arriving inside, there was a golden Buddha (who cannot be missed!) saturating the look of the castle.  The restaurant incorporates a Southeast Asian, and traditional décor with wooden flooring, therapeutic Asian art, and high ceilings. It is an upscale restaurant that brings the wanderer to the culture, not only with Chinese elements but with Indian blends. The restaurant provides a homey feel with luxurious gold curtains tipped in every booth so customers can feel secluded from the rest of the restaurant if privacy may be needed, perfect for a date 😉

RockSugar is inspired by many Asian styled dishes so when the menu came, my friend and I weren’t shocked to see that there was some things listed that we couldn’t pronounce. However, coming from Indian descent, some of the ingredients to me, made sense.

Instead of bread rolls, we were given rice crackers with dipping sauce, organic. Our waiter was very courteous when we were unsure about some ingredients and menu items, he did not seem to get frustrated by our lack of knowledge with the dishes.

We ordered the crisp vegetable spring rolls, Thai noodles with shrimp, and Flat rice noodles with mixed vegetables. When our orders came out, we were happy to see what our choices looked like. The vegetable spring rolls were creative appetizers; fried vegetables and potatoes. They were a delight to eat. The flat noodles were a disappointment for me. I felt that it was just a noodle blend with vegetables. For me, I needed more spices, more lemon, more zest!

My favorite item was the Shrimp noodles. Being that shrimp hasn’t been served perfectly to me at other restaurants; the shrimp was well done and greatly marinated with lemon, and chilis which made it a melt-in-your-mouth experience!

Overall, my experience at RockSugar was great. It was a pleasure indulging in a restaurant that is highly regarded, but in reality, gives off a homey edge. I was pleased by the service provided, the overall appearance of the restaurant, and the great tasting food!