Inception, Fringe win big with Saturn Awards


The Saturn Awards were hosted on June 23rd at the exquisite Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA.  Big winners for the night were Christopher Nolan’s Inception and TV’s Fringe including awards for Best Support Actor, Best Actress, Best Show.  Host Jeffrey Ross kept the show fast and fun.

Chloe Grace Moritz


The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror celebrates genre work.  Robots and wizards, dreams turned to reality and fantastical universes found beyond our own.  But one of the beauties of having these actors, artists, craftsmen, storytellers and real-life wizards at a prestigious event like this is to witness the human nature behind it all.

As you enter the pre-show reception, The Shawshank Redemption’s Clancy Brown is on the distant end taking in the San Gabriel canyon view.  Closer up is the extraordinarily tall and talented Doug Jones remembered from Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy.  In the middle stands producers Gale Ann Hurd (Producer of The Walking Dead), Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), Dean Devlin (Producer of Godzilla and this evening’s Dr. Donald A.  Reed Founders Award honoree).  Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) walks past to answer a question before starting his red carpet tour.

Mel Brooks

While the mood outside is relaxed and fun.  The mood inside the hall, where the dinner and consequent awards show runs, is even more casual.  Fluffy haired-host and “Toast Master General” comic Jeffrey Ross starts off the show in just the right tone ribbing the actors and the genres they represent, while adding reverence and charm.  While the honors are serious, the people involved seem light-hearted yet passionate for the stories they help to tell.

An early highlight was Mel Brooks’ win for his best local stage production of “Young Frankenstein” who not only brought acclaim at the awards stage, but a standing-room-only reception in the press room moments later.  Skewing from the eldest to among the youngest, Chloe Grace Moretz won Best Performance by a younger actor for “Let Me In”.  While Miss Moretz didn’t hold Brook’s comic presence, her intensity overwhelms her petite frame further explaining how she’s able to inhabit such textured roles.

Later in the evening, TV’s Fringe won several coveted honors including Best Supporting Actor for John Noble, Best Actress for Anna Torv and Best Network TV Series for producers Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner.

The Top Film awards went to Best Actress Natalie Portman (Black Swan),  Best Actor Jeff Bridges (Tron: Legacy) and Best Director and Best Screenwriter to Inception’s Christopher Nolan.  Matt Reeves stole Best Film with his sensational “Let Me In.”

Stars and Producers of Fringe

The evening had a special friendly vibe when old-time producing partners Roland Emmerich presented Dean Devlin with the Dr Donald A. Reed Award and actor Thomas Jane presented Frank Darabont (with whom they collaborated on “The Mist”) with the George Pal Memorial Award.

The guests paraded out and attended the after-party sponsored by Masquerade Liqueur and 360 Vodka.

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