Eye Candy Couture is Fashion with a Charity Twist


Nataly and her mom Esther are a beautiful brave duo getting ready to launch their brand new website Eye Candy Couture. You can visit their site soon. It launches mid-June.

I asked Nataly and Esther what made their site different from many other online fashion stops.  “We are catering to women 18 and over. Women who love to dress in today’s designer fashions, bringing class and fun to shopping online. We also donate 10% of our proceeds to charities” Nataly happily stated.

They also received help and knowledge from many designers they are carrying. Such designers’ they will feature are; Mark Wong Nark, Brian Litchenburg A7 Jeans, Anamarica Couture , Charlotte Tarantola, Ed hardy by Christian Audigier, Faith Connextion, Frankie B., Hype,Jovani, Julien Chambon, Kimikal, MET Jeans, Modern Romance, Niki Biki, PinkKitten Pascucci, Silver Dagger, Scarabello, Sky, and Vocal.

With a great web designer, and fabulous photographer Benjamin Grenard, Nataly and Esther know their website will stand out and do well.

Though Nataly is the owner, Esther is very much a part of the business.  Nataly says of Esther, “She is a good communicator and does most of the research. She is a real person.”

Nataly keeps me updated in all the latest fashion and what’s next on our agenda” Esther proudly states.

Not only are they featuring big name designers’, but they have a price range to meet any savvy shoppers’ wants and needs. Prices range from $27 to $1,000.

Esther says Nataly is very knowledgeable and friendly and super outgoing. She is a very loyal friend and loves to enjoy life. She is a beautiful person inside and out.  “I am always getting compliments from people on how smart she is and how she knows so much about a lot of different subjects. She is also a very talented fused glass artist.”

Nataly says Esther is a devoted and strong believer in their Lord and God.

“She is outgoing and loving and a strong support to her friends and family, she is a real people person. She loves animals and the ocean. “

They are both strong women with the will to succeed.  Nataly and Esther want women to know, “Whenever we go shopping on-line or in actual stores everyone is carrying the same inventory. WE will strive to be new and different, making shopping fun again.”

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