Los Angeles Architects honored with Westside Urban Forum Award


Santa Monica Architecture firm Aleks Istanbullu Architects recently received honors from Westside Urban Forum for their work on 1200 Sweetzer.  The 10 Unit Condominium Building will be honored at WUF’s Awards Luncheon on June 10th.

Designed to present residents with an alternative to the typical freestanding southern California house, the project consists of 10 stacked 2-story Maisonettes with all the flexibility, functionality, aesthetic control of the California lifestyle in a vibrant, dense and much more sustainable urban setting.

AI Architects explains, “We are honored to be recognized by one of the most influential peer and networking groups for developers, planners, designers, architects and community members in L.A.”

Los Angeles’ AI Architects firm will be attending the event in memory of the late John Chase, who had been a great champion for the project during the design and approval phases in 2008.


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