Auto Dealerships Demand better Support


Auto dealerships are under substantial pressure.  “When the economy tanked, car sales were among the very first victims”, explains a Southern California car salesman.  “Our luxury lot and even our pre-owned [lot] felt the void.  It was almost immediate and lasted for too long.”

The above sentiment was shared by dealerships and sales crews throughout the area.  The overal feeling is, now nearly 48 months later things are improving.  Many dealerships nationwide are looking for a fresh feel.  New ideas, branding and advertising that will bring customers back to the lot, curious about the cars.

A Long Beach-area saleswoman responds: “People are making money again.  Their son or daughter just graduated and they’re shopping around.  My goal is to answer questions, help them feel comfortable.”  Her dealership, however, furthers her words, “Yes, we’re thankful people are spending their hard-earned money again.  This has created competition and we’re considering different advertising and marketing options.  It’s important to get our name and products out to the public right now.”

Website Affordable Auto Marketing’s reports look to be filling many needs successfully: “Dealerships around the country have contacted us for many different products and services. We focus on providing our customers with a broad range of on-car advertising, promotional, and business functional products.  We’re proud to be part of so many companies’ economic turnaround. We provide strong customer service and quick turnaround.  We’ve found solutions for a range of dealerships; matching to every budget with our extremely competitive pricing.  The dealerships have really responded to our speed and support.

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