John Truby honors Thy Mother on Mother’s Day


Much is said about John Truby’s genius grasp of storytelling skills.  But too often he doesn’t get the opportunity to speak about the amazing readers, writers and fans he meets during his yearly worldwide teaching tours.  However, recently in Toronto Truby got to make a Mother’s day.

Weeks before the Toronto Screenwriting Summit in March 2011, Ryan McKinnon sent Truby a letter about his mother Cynthia Grech.  Her son’s letter detailed her creative skills, the sacrifices she made to be a good mother staying back in Canada, rather than fully pursuing her entertainment desires in Hollywood, and finally her passion for John Truby’s teachings and how she relies on his guidance to help her work.

“Hey John and everyone at the Studio, I want to share a quick story with you. […]   My mother is my personal hero, my dear friend and confidante. She has raised my brother and I to believe that, “if you can see it, you can have it.” As a single mother in the television industry, she worked harder than any person I have ever known. I was too young to share many of her successes, such as winning several Gemini Awards in the 1980’s for her role as a producer with the CBC. […] Her resume makes me think that I could be doing more with my life.”

“Today, mom is home with her 82-year-old mother, who has reached her final stage in life, as cancer slowly takes her away. The past 5 years has been a tough go for our family. […] [My Mom] has been her mother’s only primary caregiver […] I cannot even begin to discuss the details that characterize the dynamic relationship between these two strong women.”

“Now that nurses have started to take some of the load off of mom’s schedule, she has started writing again in her tiny office in the basement, while using a number of Truby products (John is her Yoda). “

Lastly Cynthia’s son Ryan’s letter explained that the family bought her a ticket to the Toronto Summit for her birthday, which happens to take place on her birthday.

“Today I purchased a special gift for my mother’s birthday. I passed around the hat with family and friends, and got her a seat at your Screenwriter’s Summit in Toronto.“

“Words cannot describe how excited she will be when she finds out that she’ll finally get to see John in person. She needs this, and she truly deserves it. […]  Thank you for visiting us in Toronto. Mom’s name is Cynthia Grech. She’ll be sitting in the front row 🙂 Say Happy Birthday to her when you meet her. Just don’t ask for her age.”

After the class, John Truby invited the birthday mom Cynthia Grech to a private dinner along with the other teachers.

John Truby and Truby Writers Studio wishes a Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.