Film Feud: Coen Bros and Quentin Tarantino Get Framed


Both The Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino are quality storytellers.  Both are Academy Award winning filmmakers with unique, stylized stories that are often imitated, but never duplicated… until now.  Kinda.

San Francisco’s Spoke Art Gallery‘s new exhibition Quentin Vs Coens, a West Side Story “versus” collection of framed art work celebrating both sides of the “battle” has been collated and shown to warring film buffs.

The pieces cover classics from both sides, including Pulp FictionThe Big LebowskiKill Bill and Barton Fink.

Spoke Art is an art gallery and publishing house located in the San Francisco Bay Area. In their words, “We put on the best art shows we possibly can and release interesting and unique artist editions.”

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