ONCEKids: Fujimini Bunny gets the Jump on Easter Bunny [CONTEST]


ONCEKids, creators of the critically-acclaimed children’s books Fujimini Adventure Series, celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with a Bunny inspired family friendly contest.

Fujimini Island character The Taekwondo Bunny wants to reward her friends with books, i-books and game apps.   To enter the contest is easy, just simply “Fan” ONCEKids on Facebook.  The prizes are great fun for the whole family delivering colorful imagery, encouraging peaceful, global messages and modern education.  Winners will be announced next week, just as you’re Easter egg hunting.

It is the Year of the Rabbit so come celebrate with The Taekwondo Bunny! And, it is no coincidence there is another POWER bunny coming onto the scene in just a few short days. Yes, that’s right, the Easter Bunny is her friend BUT she will quietly compete to be the top bunny.

ONCEKids encourages your family to enjoy technology so our ibooks and game plays great on an iPad.  However you can still travel to Fujimini Island and have fun with the animals even without a computer, by reading the print books.

The Year of the Rabbit is a year of peace and tranquility. Last year’s Tiger sure was a roller coaster and the Rabbit is out to mend fences and bring harmony. She thinks, in a peaceful year, people should pursue education and travel. So why not travel in your mind through some Asian inspired adventure tales. She wants you to tap into your inner self and spend time reading with your family. She is very picky about good taste and refinement so she made sure the mischievous “Green Hamster” earned a five star review.

So jump into the contest and decide which reading experience you want to take!