Going Blue on Dodger Day


One of the perks of keeping in touch with an old boy toy (aside from NSA sex) is that he has season tickets to the Dodgers. Six months after we parted ways, I found myself standing at the end of Jacob’s bed, a little drunk and pawing at his feet, rambling about my ambitions to go to my dream baseball game: Giants vs. Dodgers with post-game fireworks, happening the following weekend. After arguing over which team is better and giving him my best puppy dog eyes, he agreed to getting me a pair for a beer and a burger at Father’s Office later. I can swing that. I woke up my boyfriend the next morning and told him to keep Friday open, which he didn’t take well (“I don’t like secrets!”) and tried to tickle an explanation out of me. Didn’t work.

We left Camarillo early on Friday to avoid traffic but found ourselves in Burbank an hour and a half before the first pitch and temptingly close to IKEA. Given that Patrick had never been to that Mecca of Swedish design and I needed a springform pan, we pulled over and perused the showrooms before making our way to the stadium.

It was a sea of blue, which made me uneasy. I shared golf claps and groans with a few Giants fans seated around me. Patrick patronized me whenever there was an error and I started to slide down in my seat. After the Giants lost 4-3, half the stadium filtered onto the field to watch fireworks shot off to a classic rock soundtrack—most of which were obscured by the smoke near the end.

On the way to the car, we tried to think of a decent place to grab a bite that was still open. I suggested Little Dom’s in Loz Feliz—a quaint Italian joint on the corner of Hillhurst Ave and Avocado Street that plays an eclectic variety of music from Led Zeppelin to Spoon and serves the right portions of tender pastas, succulent meats, and delectable desserts that had me wishing I never had to leave this little hipster haven.

Ironically, or maybe not so much, this was the restaurant Jacob took me to on our first date, which was the same night I had coincidentally met Patrick via my roommate. And it all comes full circle.