AI-Architects attracts Clients with their Focus, Innovation and Strong End Results


aiarchitects-connectedinteractive-dailyovationSanta Monica Architecture firm Aleks Istanbullu Architects is known for detail, elegance and commitment to sustainable contemporary design.  However, it’s not just the excellent final product which attracts their clients through worldwide competition.  It’s the personalized journey that AI-Architects offers.

AI-Architects is an intimate, focused group.  The associates interviewing for your project are the same talented professionals who will actually work on your project from beginning to end.  The staff stays sharp and curious through a broad range of clientele, typology and scale.

The high-level firm believes being “green” is an attitude and shows this through ongoing commitment to sustainable design. Their work, style, and techniques all lend to an organic and nature-respecting sensibility.

Principal Aleks Istanbullu has a hands-on approach that infuses innovation and information.  He is an integral part of every project.  The company believes it takes a team to stay on top of trends, new technologies and maintain a vibrant and contemporary spirit within their studio, which is reflected in the work that they do.

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