Behind St Patrick’s Day: The Shamrock


Along with parades and pub parties, you will see a ton of little green plants adorning outfits this St.Patrick’s Day. The little plant called the Shamrock is a symbol of Irish pride and Christianity.  The Shamrock is the National Flower of Ireland and before the time of Christianity, the Shamrock was widely accepted as a symbol of the phases of the moon. At the time of Saint Patrick, the Shamrock, or clover, became recognized as a religious symbol.

Facts about the shamrock:

-The shamrock is located in the lower right quadrant of the Montreal, Quebec, Canada to represent the Irish population.

-The shamrock is featured in Canadian Coat of arms.

-Aer Lingus airline uses the shamrock in its logo and its air traffic control call sign is “Shamrock.”

-The shamrock is one of the symbols of the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison gang.

-The shamrock is featured on the passport stamp of Montserrat, many of whose citizens are of Irish descent.