AI-Architects uses Today’s Technology for Better Building


Aleks Istanbullu Architects is based in Santa Monica, California. Known for their elegant spatial planning, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainable contemporary design, they are internationally recognized for award-winning projects, which are shaped in response to their clients, context, and community.

AI-Architects understands the complexities of public and private partnerships in urban settings, prioritizing the tactile, functional and aesthetic needs of residents and pedestrians alike. Their current work applies these sensibilities to thoughtfully designed and detailed projects from single-family dwellings to urban planning.

The aesthetic foundations of their work at AI-Architects, is rooted in the modernism of Europe, Chicago and Southern California. They optimize the technology that is available today while respecting the materials used to carefully detail each building Istanbullu and his team creates.

For more information on AI-Architects, or to simply ask them a question and begin your journey with modern architecture, contact their Santa Monica offices at (310) 450-8246.