What Turns You On? Unlikely Aphrodisiacs Part 2 of 2 [SERIES]


Oysterschocolate, and strawberries might turn up on your lover’s menu, as three of the most common foods believed to have aphrodisiacal effects.  But if you want to shake things up and really impress your sweetie, why not go global? Every culture has is its own dishes believed to increase sex drive.  A few days ago in part 1 we learned that some seemingly innocent items were known to illicit carnal desires.

Cobra: There is a common theme among the more rare and exotic aphrodisiacs: the belief that the more lethal a creature is, and the more difficult to obtain, the more benefits a person can gain from it. Vendors in parts of Vietnam and Thailand from charging up to $200 for cocktails featuring fresh cobra blood as a main ingredient. Another version involves placing the entire cobra into a bottle filled with alcohol, such as whiskey or rice wine, and leaving it to ferment for months or years.

Mamajuana: thought to have positive effects on digestive health and circulation as well as being useful for getting rid of the flu. It’s also commonly believed to be a powerful performance enhancer; one nickname for the drink is El Para Palo (“lift the stick”). The beverage is a result of a mixture of various herbs and bark soaked in dark rum, red wine, and honey.

Soup No. 5: Also euphemistically called “bat and ball soup” and “remember me,” soup number five, believed to increase the libido and prolong erections, is still commonly found in the Philippines. Ingredients include onions, garlic, and carrots … and the penis and testicles of a bull. The pertinent bits are cleaned and then scalded in boiling water for good measure before they are added to the broth. While some Asian aphrodisiacs can be truly dangerous, soup no. 5 is fairly harmless by comparison (although maybe not to the bull) and said to be tasty.

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