Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Fashion


Fashion talk is always a huge part of the Oscars aftermath, but co-host Anne Hathaway’s whopping eight costumes changes brought style chatter to another level. We talked to the woman behind Hathaway’s looks, super-stylist Rachel Zoe, who selected the seven ensembles with associate Jill Lincoln. Zoe, who’s currently nine months pregnant, chatted with us.

“It was a big night for me, but you can only imagine what it was like for Annie. It was pretty incredible. We’ve been working on it since they announced it. I found out when everybody else did. It was one of things, like, normally we need to have this many fittings to get to one dress, and now we have the opportunity to use, in total, eight dresses. It was the ultimate fantasy for both of us.”

“For the red carpet at the Oscars, you just pull out all the stops and just want that beautiful Hollywood moment. Annie is a true movie star in every sense of the word without actually trying. She just is. She’s beyond talented and wears clothes so beautifully. She loves fashion. It’s not so calculated, like, “Oh, let’s do this for this.” We just had all these incredible dresses and all these designers made these incredible things for her. The idea is that once you get this incredible group of dresses, you edit it down based on rehearsals where it’ll fit in the lineup. We squeezed as many changes as we could. There were moments during the show when I was like, “I feel like we could’ve changed one more time!”

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