Cirque Bezerk brings Thrills back to Los Angeles [REVIEW]


Cirque Bezerk brings their particular brand of superfreak back to Los Angeles for a one-month only engagement at Downtown’s Club Nokia.

The 2-act, 17 scene dynamo brings over a dozen performers, fire-breathers, wire acts, trapeze, bungees, trampoline action to your evening.  And of course, there’s plenty of dark twists.

Cirque Berzerk’s Beneath is the story of one woman (Emilie Livingston) who makes a pact with Death to descend into the Underworld in order to break free of her carnal bonds.  She experiences all of the deadly sins through spectacular death defying physical feats.

Entering the theater brings you into an alternate world.  Booths line the perimeter offering toys, props, camera books and merchandise.  Clowns and performers wander in character.

Among 2 hours of stunning imagery and performance, stands-outs include: Goulia Rozyeva and Nelson Privaral “duet” for a hand to hand segment that is mesmerizing.  Watching them bend, flex and pivot each other body-to-bond is delicate, sensual and gripping (no pun intended).

Also Dig it Down’s trampoline action brings a climactic end to the first act.  High-flying clowns that soar back and forth over a wall, performing front flips, back flips and aerodynamic spins as the bounce between both sides of the trampoline.

The venue, Nokia Live boasts state-of-the-art sound and lighting.  However it doesn’t match the needs for this show. Last year’s 3-ring circus setting provided an ambient allowing the audience to view the full experience.  Aerials, swings, diving and more.  Nokia’s setup blocked the view of aerials throughout the show for the full standing room audience and many of the backseats.  While there are complaints of this on the user portion of the ticket page, nothing was seen near the sales page.

While the theater’s blocked view don’t punish the evening, they certainly don’t offer any favors. The show is worthwhile, but choose your tickets wisely.

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