Lake Bell is More Talented than You Think


I hate to say it because it falls into one of Hollywood’s oldest cliches, Lake Bell is not just a pretty face.  And therein lies her biggest problem.

Over Her Dead Body was the first time some of us became aware of Lake Bell.  Unfortunately, the Eva Longoria picture was not her finest work.  She came across as the attractive engenue, and sadly that’s about it.  The next time she may have popped up on your radar was for Funny or Die promo’s of Children’s Hospital.  Here her presence is slightly confusing, but not in a bad way.  It’s not her fault nor the promo’s.  It’s because no one’s expecting it.

Last fall I had the opportunity to see stage play The Thrilling Adventure Hour which featured Bell.  And she was fantastic.  She had presence, nuance, and comic appeal.  Bell excelled on stage where many “pretty faces” fail miserably.

This brings us to the revelation that has propelled Cameron Diaz and sunk Jenny McCarthy.  Lake Bell is a tremendously beautiful actress who also happens to possess a gift of comedy.

This was discovered with the opening of No Strings Attached, the sugar-coated rom-com starring expected Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.  The movie is mediocre at best, and runs more than 10 mins too long.  But Bell plays a supporting part, the cliched “hot girl who’s wearing glasses so she seems nerdy.”  However, Bell steals the last act as she neurotically tries to romance Kutcher.  She’s able to be funny and likable; and downplays her sex appeal.

Her management team has a tough task ahead of them.  When the world’s audience wants the beautiful girl to be just the love interest, how do you allow her comedy to be appreciated?   Kudos and good luck!