Connected Interactive attends Inaugural Gamification Summit Jan 20-21 [PREVIEW]


The Gamification Summit takes place January 20-21 2011 at the San Francisco Conference Center, bringing together top thought leaders in game mechanics and engagement science for the first time. Experts Gabe Zichermann (author, Game-Based Marketing), Amy Jo Kim (gamification guru) and Jane McGonigal (TED fellow, author debuting her new book) headline this dynamic and fast-moving field through case studies, workshops, keynotes and panels.

Gamification is on everyone’s lips these days. Using game-like mechanics and systems to increase fun and engagement is a relatively new and expansive topic

Two Day Schedule

The first day is filled with informative keynotes, lectures and panels.  M2 Research’s Wanda Meloni provides an overview of gamification. Zichermann delivers keynote ‘Why Engagement is the Power Metric of the Decade.’  Panels on “Location, Commerce and User Experience,” an afternoon conversation with Jane McGonigal and Kara Swisher on “Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World” and Case studies of USA Networks, BING Rewards, American Gamester. “Beyond Transmedia: Gamifying Major Media Properties” and “To Redeem, or not to Redeem: Designing Scalable Point Systems that Engage and Excite” and more!

The second day is a full-length, hands-on workshop led by renowned gamification designer Amy Jo Kim that will help you take

Jane McGonigal, game designer and games resear...
Jane McGonigal, Ph.D.

your specific business requirements and turn them into actionable gamification strategies. 

Who’s Who

From the speakers and the panelists are tremendous gaming talents:

Gabe Zichermann is an author, highly rated public speaker, entrepreneur and chair of the Gamification Summit. His most recent book, Game-Based Marketing has achieved critical and industry acclaim for its detailed look at innovators who blend the power of games with brand strategy. His next book on game mechanics is a detailed technical look at architecture and implementation. A resident of NYC, Gabe is a board member of , advisor to a number of startups and Facilitator for the NYC chapter of the Founder Institute.

Jane McGonigal, Ph.D. is the Director of Game Research and Development at the Institute for the Future. Her work has been featured in The Economist, Wired, and The New York Times; and on MTV, CNN, and NPR. In 2009, BusinessWeek called her one of the 10 most important innovators to watch. She has given keynote addresses at TED, South by Southwest Interactive, the Game Developers Conference and was a featured speaker at The New Yorker Conference.

Amy Jo Kim is an internationally-known metagame expert and social game designer. Her design credits include Rock Band, The Sims, Ultima Online, eBay,,, and Lumosity. Her clients include Electronic Arts, Activision, ABC, Sony, Disney, eBay, MTV, Square/Enix, and numerous startups. She’s the author of Community Building on the Web, a social design handbook available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese) that’s required reading in game design studios and universities around the globe. Amy Jo holds a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Washington, and a BS in Experimental Psych from UC San Diego. She’s an adjunct professor of Game Design at USC, and lives in Burlingame with her husband and two kids.

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