ONCEKids = Smart Kids: Technology and Education


The recent launch of the iPad has created excitement, particularly in education. Most educators are thrilled with the iPad and are looking for exciting ways to integrate it into the classroom. But some people question the use of technology in the classroom. Is technology harmful? Will children weaken their social skills by using a computer? What if they become dependent on iPads and deter their intellectual independence? These arguments are unimaginative but touted often. I am certain the same arguments were made regarding newspapers, radio and television – all inventions that have proven useful to learning. The key to successful use of technology in the classroom is appropriate use with guidance. The rote use of technology does little invigorate education. A student can be assigned math drills on the computer but this has a close resemblance to doing drills from a workbook. Technology may actually force teachers to develop creative, multimedia lesson plans. Thus, it is creative teaching that improves education not the computer, iPad or other technologies. But make no mistake; technology is the stimulus for excellent teaching. Therefore, technology should be embraced because it spurs teachers to aspire to new levels of teaching. The computer and the iPad create smart kids by sparking the imagination of smart teachers.

ONCEKids recognizes the power of technology in the classroom. ONCEKids will be launching their Fujimini Island Adventure Series books on iBook for the iPad. Young children will be able to enjoy the series digitally and peruse in the classroom and the home.

Stay tuned for the launch date!