ONCEKids offers Cooking fun for the Family


What activity improves kids reading skills, ability to follow directions, taps into their creativity and gives them a strong burst of self-confidence? Cooking.

Eileen Wacker, the CEO of ONCEKids and the author of the Fujimini Island Adventure Series serves up some great tidbits about cooking with your child this holiday season.
Cooking is a wonderful activity to teach your children. Here are some benefits of cooking with your child:
1. Allows you to bond with your child.
2. Builds a positive self-image.
3. Encourages self-discipline.
4. Rewards hard work and diligence.
5. Promotes hand-eye coordination.
6. Cultivates curiosity.
7. Cultivates a love of learning.
8. Fosters cooperation.
9. Hones ability to follow directions.
10. Encourages creativity and imagination.

The best way to cook with your child is to use a recipe. This maximizes the benefit of cooking for your child. Find a simple recipe, write down a secret family recipe or modify a more complicated recipe. Read each ingredient and direction with your child. Make sure you read through the recipe a few times. Encourage your child to take their time when reading the recipe. Speed is not the goal. Understanding is.

Next line up all your ingredients. Let your child measure out each ingredient. If there is an opportunity to exercise math skills let them do some quick calculations. Try doubling the recipe for a math challenge. You might also want to encourage your child to think up new ingredients or replace other ingredients. It is important that they understand that cooking involves creativity. When the dish is cooked and ready to place on the table teach your child about presentation. Let them decorate the serving plate or garnish. Stress that details are very important. When the cooking is done make sure you congratulate your child.
Bon Appétit!

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