Josh Tate’s Hell Walk 2011: Start New Years with Good Cause [CHARITY]


On May 1, 2011 Josh Tate will risk his health and possibly his life for the sake of charity.  By enduring a one-man 24-hour walkathon called Hell Walk 2011 in Los Angeles, Tate’s goal is to raise $25,000 for Children’s Hope Chest.

Make a Difference

We can all relate.  You want to do something good, so you donate some clothes to Goodwill, or maybe some new toys to Toys for Tots.  It takes a bit of time and feels good to help.  But shortly after have you ever felt guilty, like there’s more you can do to help?  Well Josh Tate became consumed by that feeling.

In October 2010, Tate became overwhelmed with the desire to do more.  That’s where the idea for Hell Walk 2011 began.  But he wanted a closer connection with the charity he’d be supporting this time, he explains, “Usually the people who are giving have no relationship with the people who are getting.  I want to change that and get closer.”

Who is Josh Tate?

Meeting Josh Tate you have to wonder why he’d put himself through all this agony
.  He’s a fun guy, with a really cool entertainment job at Bad Robot Productions (JJ Abrams’ Lost TV series, Mission: Impossible 3 & 4).  Then as you talk with him, it all quickly makes sense.   He’s doing this because he can make a difference.  He wants to take that next step.

From that October day on, his goals have changed in order to make his wish a reality.    “My friends were immediately supportive and that’s awesome.”  Many friends have donated toward him already, others want to come watch him walk live in May or track his progress on-line through his website (which re-launches the first week of January), Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Some have even trained with him, by spending hours while walking dozens of miles with him.  T-shirts, wristbands and more can be found on the Hell Walk website.  Tate appreciates all of your support.

He walks hours per week, taking in landmark Los Angeles neighborhoods from Los Feliz to Downtown Los Angeles to Redondo Beach; and even South Central.  The distance has grown from 9 miles to over 20 miles per walk.  He wears special socks, shoes; and starting New Years Day restricts himself to a special diet.

Details like these make you remember that this really is a serious situation.  Josh Tate can and probably will hurt himself.  It’s expected he will exhaust himself physically, mentally and emotionally.  The ever-affable Tate turns serious as he thinks about the walkathon, considering, “Around 2am things will get tough…”  Crowds may dwindle, and while the webcams will continue to broadcast the journey, it’ll get cold and lonely in-person.  But all this excruciating work is for a good cause.

Where Does All That Money Go?

Through the years, Josh Tate has donated to many charities.  So for this special project he searched for the right organization to work with: “There are a lot of great and deserving charities, but I have a few very specific requirements.  Children’s Hope Chest met each of my requirements. […] I want to make a difference.  [By] helping raise this amount for such a great organization we will directly get to see it make a difference.”

Is Josh Tate scared?

Considering during his training he’s already survived weather, gangland run-ins, dozens of minor injuries like callouses and hundreds of foot-stomping miles, he seems confident.  His mind is focused, his waistline is thinning, his diet continues to transform.  Tate is not only learning quite a bit about how to prepare for his Hell Walk 2011, but also who he is as a man and an activist.

You Can Help

You can become part of Josh Tate’s Hell Walk 2011 in several ways.  Follow Hell Walk 2011 on Twitter, Fan Hell Walk 2011 on Facebook, watch his weekly YouTube videos, visit the Hell Walk 2011 website.