What in the Sam Hell is Going on in Fashion Trends?


I received my latest version of Elle Magazine in the mail and immediately flipped to the Fashion Trends for 2011 section, only to want to immediately spit out the sip I just took of my grande vanilla iced coffee in disgust. I can understand some things coming back in a retro way, but why do we need to have clothes that look like potato sacks that give us no curve in the worst looking patterns? Why is glossy orange coral lipstick the next hottest thing in the spring, and please tell me why oh why must we have back  MC Hammer stylelooking pants? One word,

It’s as if some of the top fashion designers gave up. They threw a bunch of fabric and patterns on a runway model and said, “Voila!”
Between tassels, neon colors, busy mismatched patterns, a little bit of oriental flare, along with the 70’s and 80’s  styles, I don’t know whether the designers were drunk or on a bad acid trip.

Do you see people wearing these fashion trends out and about on a daily basis when they come out for sale? True many of us can’t afford some of these designer fashions, but the knock offs come along and what?  Should we really pay for what is coming out in the spring and summer 2011? Why should women buy into this? It’s like a test to see if we will actually pay for whatever the designers  think they can make “In” and then are off laughing somewhere in a back room counting their money. Women have curves. Women have taste. Women deserve much better. Women should not look like somebody threw up patterns all over us with No Body to it and expect us to run out and actually pay to get it.

Elle Magazine actually referred to some of the patterns on the runway models as taking cue from the Rubiks cube with their building block patterns and colors. As if this was a good thing. How is that in any way GOOD?

I’ve decided for 2012 I should just hit the costume store, buy a Star Trek sexy women’s costume shave my dogs’ ass and glue the hair from it on strategically in places, add a Snuggie blanket and call it a day.

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