Kwame Kilpatrick: Should You Obey the Government?


Government is ubiquitous. Government infiltrates every corner of our lives. Government was created to collect taxes, raise armies, establish order and, in our modern age, provide social safety nets and social services. The span of government has increased over the centuries and not decreased. Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit who is set to launch a new book detailing his experience in politics, understands that government entails an imbalance of power. One group of people governs and controls another group of people. Sometimes government becomes corrupt. The question arises: should people obey the government? Kwame Kilpatrick lists several reasons why people should obey the government.

1)      People should obey government to shield themselves from eventual disciplining.
2)      People should obey government to assure order and decency in the community.
3)      People should obey government to provide positive examples to others in the community.
4)      People should obey the government because the Bible commands us to do so

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