Kwame Kilpatrick: Government Can Improve People’s Lives


Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Mayor of Detroit and author of an upcoming book disclosing his political experience and upheaval, strongly believes that government can improve the life of people. Government is a central component of civilization and was developed to ensure an organized and civil way for humans to be ruled by other humans. Government was also created to prevent disorder, anarchy and intolerance. A strong critique of government is the potential for an extreme accumulation of power that leads to an imbalance or inequality. Government at its most balanced can create a fair society. Government at its most extreme becomes unjust. Kwame Kilpatrick believes that equality exists where rules are clear and the rules apply to everyone. Thus, government’s goal is to establish clear, fair laws and ensure that the laws apply equally to everyone in society. According to Kwame Kilpatrick, when government achieves this then government can improve the lives of people. However, government entails one group of people ruling over another group of people. Due to this inherent imbalance, government can easily become unruly, unfair and hostile to the lives of its citizens. “The goal of government,” says Kwame Kilpatrick, “is to continually check the imbalance in order to ensure that government benefits the people.”

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