Are you hearing NBC’s @thesingoff with @BackbeatsVocal [VIDEO]


NBC’s The Sing-Off, hosted by former boy-bander Nick Lachey is back.  Season 2 has ten groups competing for a Sony recording contract and cash prizes.  Today we’re focusing all our auditory energy on: The Backbeats. (video is below)

The A Cappella group is made up of: Kenton Chen, Thomas Henry,Kelley Jakle, Courtney Jensen, Joanna Jones, Eitan Nir, Todd G. Levin, Catherine Ricafort,Jordan Pharoah, Rachel Saltzman.  While most of the group hails from Northern California or sunny Southern California, their diverse membership includes  Texas, Chicago, and Kansas City, along with USC, UCLA, and BYU.

The Backbeats like to mix it up stylistically, doing songs that have R&B, Pop, and Soul influences.  The group explains: “We want to make good music. So many of us have been in the A Cappella circuit for years, and it’s such a satisfying mission to show people just how dynamic and relatable A Cappella can be […] It’s always about how the song serves the message, how we can honestly deliver that message, and hopefully move beyond pure entertainment to music that is truly compelling.”

For information on all the NBC’s The Sing Off contestants, click here.  Watch each episode to find out who is going to the LIVE finale taped in Los Angeles, for those tickets click here.

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