Hollywood Confesses Social Media Need to CNN’s Kuhn


Let’s bring up some facts: Facebook’s 500 million + users make it the largest internet platform in the world.  April 2010’s Producers Guild announcement creating the “Transmedia Producer” credit shows us that Hollywood is interested in multi-platform storytelling; among those platforms being Facebook.

Well, now Hollywood is getting honest (or nearly as honest as Hollywood ever gets).  Producers, production companies and agencies are realizing they need experts who understand transmedia to lead them.

Today United Talent Agency hired 23-year-old Eric Kuhn to join their digital media department where he will specialize in social media strategies for the agency’s talent and corporate clients.  This is one of the agency world’s early moves to bring in an agent focusing specifically on social media and outlets such as Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook.

Kuhn was CNN’s “Audience Interaction” Producer, where he oversaw social media for CNN’s U.S. programming and worked on the network’s television/web integration. Kuhn oversaw CNN’s more than 250 Twitter accounts.  Prior to CNN he helped manage social media for both the NBA and the CBS Evening News.

Hat tip to Deadline Hollywood for the find.

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