‘How About We’ makes Online Dating Suck Less


We’ve all dated online right?  It’s our generation, it’s what we do.  We put up somewhat discrete, sometimes overtly sexual images of ourselves in order to bait the opposite (or same) sex.  Then we spend too much time filling out a profile that later we will say “I just threw some stuff up their real fast.”

Well, How About We…. attempts to change all that.  It’s not about you, your boobs, your six pack or your drunk pics.  Actually it’s kind of about your drunk pics.  See, it’s about the date.  You explain a date you’d like to go on (concert, movies, beach, wine-tasting) and if someone likes the idea, they say so and off you go on this fantastic voyage.

So spend 5 minutes, set up that profile and let’s see what happens. And yes, I just set up my profile.  See if you can spot me!