The Annoying Orange: The Humor of Frustration [REVIEW] [WEB SERIES]


The Annoying Orange is a consistently top ranked web series. It has received over 200 million hits on YouTube. The Annoying Orange also has its own YouTube Channel and is the tenth most subscribed channel on YouTube. The web series was created by Dane Boedigheimer or Daneboe. Dane is a voice actor who founded Gagfilms. He is also the principal writer for the web series.

The Annoying Orange web series has a large cast of characters, usually other fruit and vegetables although footballs, soccer balls and other inanimate objects join the annoying orange. The web series also has a spin off called Liam the Leprechaun. This web series seems less fresh and the gags seem to be a retread of the web series but it appears to be as popular as the original. Each episode received hundreds of thousands of hits.

So what makes The Annoying Orange click with people? Each episode of the web series stands alone. You can watch any episode, and not miss a beat. The web series is not narrative heavy. For example, Prom Queen and Pink were impossible to understand unless you began watching the series from the beginning. In some respects this keeps you tuning in but it also makes the experience time intensive even if every episode is only three to four minutes. The Annoying Orange also looks unique and has a fresh humor. The running gag in each episode is not so much the annoyance level of the orange, the main character, but the frustration that the other characters experience from incessant bad jokes and repetition. The Annoying Orange makes us laugh at misery, which just might be an entirely understandable protective mechanism. It is also safe to laugh at misery in The Annoying Orange since the cast of characters are inanimate, and provides a much needed distance from the pain of annoyance.

The Annoying Orange is a unique web series that tosses traditional storytelling aside, and delves into our basic need to laugh at the smug face of frustration.

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